Episode 52

J. Haleem Washington - #IWon'tStarve

Published on: 19th May, 2022

What does it take to go from making $8 hr to earning 6 figures in revenue in just a few years? What skills, connections, knowledge do you need in order to make this shift?

Can ANYONE do this...or does it take special type of person and a lucky break or two?

That's our conversation today on What's My Story...Let's go!

What's In Store For You

J Haleem Washington is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and commercial photographer. His client list has allowed him to work with companies including Nike, Save The Children, NFL, WNBA, Amtrak and others.

  • [06:24J. Haleem shares the meaning behind the hashtag #Iwon'tstarve
  • [08:17What caused J. Haleem to start working for $8 an hour?
  • [11:31] What was J. Haleem's mindset working for $8 an hour?
  • [17:53] J. Haleem shares the turning point in his life
  • [22:28] How does J. Haleem push through the challenges he faces now?
  • [24:19] What does an entrepreneur need to have in place to maintain a stable financial level or revenue? J. Haleem shares his view.
  • [25:38] For entrepreneurs who are still figuring out what they want to master, what advice does J. Haleem have for them?

Your story is transformational. Your challenge is to make a difference

Everything that happens to you in life is your stuff, your stuff is your story. 

And as we say, every week, your story deserves a stage. So get on out there and tell it.


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